Web Analytics

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could know the thoughts of every single website visitor? What they loved about your site? What they hated about it? What they were considering doing on it… but didn’t, for one reason or another?


It’s 2015, and we don’t have telepathy yet. But we do have website analytics. Website analytics so comprehensive and advanced that when the data from them is broken down by veterans like us, it’s comparable to reading minds.


These thoughts can be used to improve the user interface of your website, which ultimately puts more money in your pocket… but more on that further down the page. For now, let’s start at the very beginning.




What the heck are your visitors doing?

online behavior, analyticsSomeone arrives on your site, and he immediately starts to do something. Maybe he exits the page right away. Maybe he reads an article and makes it to the bottom of the page, and then clicks and reads four more. Or maybe he stops halfway through, or maybe he decides to sign up to your mailing list halfway through.


No matter who he is, he’s doing something. All of your visitors are doing something.


Compiling the data from all of these actions will give you a very firm idea of how well your site is performing. We compile this data through a vast series of analytical tools, all the way from the simple ones like Google Analytics to the advanced ones like Adobe’s Omniture.


You can see everything – where people are visiting, when they’re leaving, what they’re clicking on… even heat maps with the exact location of their mouses. You see what each individual does, and by averaging out all of these individuals, you get the big picture on how well your site is performing.


And you know what? Your numbers might not be bad – in fact, they might be pretty good when compared to industry averages. But you know what else?



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“Pretty good” is not in our vocabulary.

It doesn’t matter how much you paid for your website or how many opinions you’ve gotten on it – no matter what your current numbers are, they can be improved.


Your bounce rate can be decreased, opening up your site to a much larger audience without you putting in any extra effort. Different pages can be interlinked to improve the average time on site. Your sign-up process can be simplified, resulting in more conversions from your same traffic.


These are just a few examples – everything can be improved until you’re very close to perfect, and not just “pretty good”. It’s a simple process – compile, analyze, and roll out.



Compile, analyze, and roll out.

When you hire us, we start this 3-step process on every single page of your site.


Step 1: compile


We install our analytics on your site and wait a certain amount of time to compile data. This ensures that we get an accurate assessment of your site, which allows our analyzations in step two to be 100% accurate.


Step 2: analyze


Certain people are doing certain things on certain pages – why are they doing these things?


Perhaps a certain article has an abnormally high bounce rate. Perhaps visitors are exiting your site on a certain step in the checkout process. Or maybe one of your pages is performing exceptionally well for no apparent reason.


There’s always a reason as to why these things are happening.


Maybe that article has an abnormally high bounce rate because the featured image isn’t relevant. Maybe that particular page in the checkout process has a broken CSS element on one specific browser, making all users on that browser wary of trusting you. That perfect page? We can compare it to your less-than-perfect ones to see what it has that others do not.


Step 3: roll out


After we analyze the data, it’s time to take action and fix the problem. We’ll think of a solution, implement it, and track the results.


And you know what? We’re not always right on our first guess. But we’ll eventually get it right. And we’ll get it right on every single page. Our small changes fix your big problems.


Doing just a few of these changes can make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside, but when tons of these small increases are implemented, you see substantial results. These substantial results mean that your website is more user-friendly, and as a result of that, your revenue goes up. Period.



So do you want to be “pretty good”, or the best you can be?

Work with us and we will make your website the best it will be. Constant testing and tweaking over time results in the best (and most profitable) website that you can possibly have. It becomes a solid foundation for you to use for years into the future. Visitors will love it, and because they do, your revenue will increase.


Get in touch with us today for a free consultation. Your website might already be perfect… but it’s probably not. Even Fortune 500 companies who have already spent millions on optimization are always trying to improve. We’ll make yours as close to perfect as physically possible, and you will make more money from the same traffic as a result of our efforts.




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