05 Apr The Right Ways – And The Wrong Ways – To Interpret Your Web Analytics Data

online analytics, online data analysisDo you remember the feeling you used to get in math class when you knew you were starting to get lost? (If you went to M.I.T. or Caltech, just try to imagine what the rest of us must have felt.)

That’s the same feeling many people experience when trying to interpret all of the cool data that they can access once web analytics tracking has been set up on their website. They know it’s crucial to understand the numbers, charts and graphs – but it’s easy to be bowled over by the sheer amount of information that’s available. It’s also easy to make incorrect assumptions by picking through the data and choosing the wrong ones.

There’s no reason to panic when confronted with analytics results. You just need a guide to the do’s and don’ts. Fortunately, I have one right here.



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