SEO for Travel Industry (Hotels, Resorts, Cruises, Travel Agencies)

Booking agents, on average, get at least three quarters of their business from people who search for travel agencies online.  With such high figures, anyone involved in the travel industry, such as hotels, resorts, cruises or travel agencies, simply cannot afford to neglect their online market.  In the past, simply having a website was a great step towards a profitable online presence.  Today, it’s only a part of the battle – Search Engine Optimization (SEO), especially for highly competitive industries (such as travel), is imperative for any sort of success.



Explaining SEO


Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the act of configuring a website’s content and internal data so that it comes up earlier in search results for specific keywords.  It has expanded from a basic skill of all webmasters to a highly refined profession.  Some SEO agencies may also offer web design services as part of their package, as having an attractive website is necessary to yield a return on investment.  Regardless, an SEO expert can turn an unoptimized website into a goldmine of web traffic.



Why is SEO Important for any Travel Related Companies?


About three billion people use the Internet on a regular or semi-regular basis, most of which are in developed countries.  All of these people use search engines to find information, whether they are looking for a hotel, a travel agency, or plane tickets.  Each year, about 50 million new websites are added to the World Wide Web.


With these facts in mind, it is easy to see just what kind of influence the internet has on marketing for any industry.  However it also means that competition is fierce with so many websites on the internet.  A quick Google search for“travel agency new york” (easily replaced with any location) yields almost 200 million results – of these 200 million, users who search this keyword will most likely click on one of the first five or six results.  Any links after that will have some luck, but not much – and anything beyond the second page will be lucky to get a hundredth of the traffic of the first result.


Of course, “travel agency new york” is an extremely high profile keyword.  SEO experts will be able to pinpoint important and popular keywords that have not yet been saturated according to your particular needs based on your business and locality.  A focus on local results are extremely important for businesses like hotels so that they do not accidentally get mixed in with a global market, yielding useless traffic.



Specific SEO Needs for Travel Related Companies


The basic optimization of websites differs very little in each circumstance, but travel industry websites have some specific needs.  Essentially, a potential client looking to travel will go through several steps before ultimately booking their trip and after the trip has concluded, including conducting research, comparing rates, sharing their experience, and more.  All of these steps must be accounted for to take full advantage of web traffic and to generate the right kind of views.


If optimized properly, one’s website may even end up self-perpetuating its own popularity and search engine ranking through backlinking as satisfied customers share details about their trip on blogs, review portals, and social media websites. Every website can always benefit from more traffic, and SEO is the perfect way to draw more attention.  Be sure to hire an agency or contractor with experience in SEO for the travel industry for the best possible results.


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