SEO for Medical/Healthcare Professionals


Whether offering Dental, Cosmetic Surgery, LASIK, Dermatology, Bariatrics, Urgent CareAnti-Aging, or any general health services, medical practices benefit greatly from a web presence that has been search engine optimized.  The Internet is one of the first places a potential client will turn to when they begin their search for medical practices in the nearby area, regardless of their needs.  An unoptimized site will often fall back to search result pages in the double digits, thus receiving almost no traffic from web searches as most users choose a link from the first or second page.



Is SEO really that important for Physicians, Doctors, Plastic Surgeons or Dentists?


There are three main facets to finding success on the Internet. The first is of course having a great business; the second is having an attractive and useful website; and the final facet is high visibility.  Search engine optimization is one of the most effective ways of increasing visibility, and often generates the most relevant traffic out of all avenues since the potential clients are actively seeking out a service rather than being subjected to an advertisement.


Medical practices in particular can benefit from SEO by targeting traffic searching for local results.  This can be done in a variety of ways, all of which MezzoLogic would be very familiar with.  Essentially, the Internet creates a global market and thus a huge arena of competition, so targeting a local area greatly narrows the competition.  Medical practices naturally can only realistically service a limited area, so this approach is perfect.


Aiming for local keywords is only one of many steps necessary to ensure that the correct target audience is reached.  An experienced contractor or team of experts will help medical professionals identify exactly who they wish to reach and optimize their website to attract that specific crowd.  Reaching the right people in this way will result in more paying clients, more word-of-mouth referrals, and more usage out of your practice’s website.



MezzoLogic Provides the Best SEO Services for Medical/Healthcare Professionals.


Like all services, SEO companies offer varying levels of service in terms of depth and quality.  Generally, since medical practices face a smaller area of competition, they will not need extremely in-depth optimization – however it certainly would not hurt.  Choosing an agency that has an established reputation and a history of satisfied customers, however, is extremely important.


While it may be tempting to hire SEO contractors who market themselves at a lower rate for “the same services”, they may end up causing lasting damage to the site despite good intentions.  When optimizing a website, one must be very familiar with Google’s algorithms and rules; something as simple as having too much similar content or even using the same keyword too frequently can drastically reduce the website’s search engine ranking.  Additionally, some companies may employ tactics that Google simply does not approve of, often called “black hat SEO” – these tactics will completely remove the site from search results.  Of course, the rules for each search engine are different, but Google is generally the primary concern due to its near monopoly over web searches.


Our SEO experts have over 12 years of experience in SEO and have helped thousands of  business owners, including medical professionals from all over the country, to expand their market reach, increase visibility, gain top ranking in major search engines and increase their sales/revenue/profits.




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