SEO for Media & Entertainment Industry

Media & Entertainment (M&E) are interesting industries from an advertising perspective in that they are extremely volatile.  With new attractions being published every day and news spreading almost instantly around the world, keeping up with new and up-to-date ads is a challenge that is well worth the effort.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts may find this particularly challenging, but the effort-to-reward ratio remains the same, as the internet is the number one source for anyone looking for information on the latest movie, TV show, video game, or album.



What is so important about SEO for Media & Entertainment companies?

Consider, for a moment, what happens when something shocking comes up in the news.  Perhaps you only caught the last few seconds of the segment on television, or a friend mentioned it in passing conversation at lunch.  Either way, you most likely turn to the Internet to find out more about this story.


Every day, as soon as news surfaces, thousands of websites push out articles with specifically targeted keywords at optimal density to draw in readers who find their website through a search engine.  After entering in a few descriptive terms, users will almost always click on one of the first three results.  Any result after that begins to have vastly diminished traffic rates.  Results on the second and third page may get some hits, but anything beyond – especially in the world of media and entertainment – will almost never see any traffic.


Unlike most industries, keywords relating to new stories or the release of the latest movie will not generate hundreds of millions of search results (most of the time).  This provides some hope for websites with only mediocre optimization, however unoptimized websites can never succeed in this landscape.



Media, Entertainment and SEO: a perfect match


One problem that many industries face with optimization is that engines like Google are constantly refining and revising their indexing algorithms.  This means that SEO tactics and keywords that were useful today could suddenly become completely nullified tomorrow.  For the media and entertainment industries, this is great news, since their websites must also change on a regular basis simply to keep up with the world.


Another way in which these two industries seem built for SEO is that the most popular keywords will almost never be over saturated.  In many businesses, getting views may be difficult because the most obvious search terms are flooded by globally successful, huge-name corporations – but taking the number one spot in search results takes time and effort.  While great foundational SEO certainly helps entertainment websites maintain consistently higher positions in rankings, the day-to-day optimization of new content is more important here than in nearly any other industry.


The bottom line is that all websites benefit from SEO.  Without optimization, the quality of content simply does not matter, regardless of how fast and in-depth a news portal’s coverage is or how many exclusive interviews a movie website publishes.




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