SEO for Lawyers, Attorneys & Law Firms


In today’s world, the Internet is utilized by nearly everyone when searching for businesses or services.  Even those who hear of a business by word of mouth generally use the Internet to research the business and get more information about it.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is extremely important for any lawyers, attorneys, and law firms (Personal Injury, DUI, Bankruptcy, Corporate, Intellectual Property, Consumer Protection, etc.) as most people who require some kind of legal service will turn to search engines before attempting to make any contact.



What are the Benefits of SEO for Lawyers, Attorneys and Law Firms?


Many lawyers, attorneys and law firms generate their business through word of mouth referrals and local presence.  However, having a website that is easily located using the most common search terms will bring in an additional crowd that otherwise would have had no exposure to your law firm.  Some users may not even be necessarily searching for a firm for an immediate case, but rather conducting research in general for future reference.


When conducting Internet searches, most users will choose a result from the first page, with click-through rates diminishing drastically for each subsequent result.  Having a website is not good enough; appearing within the first few search results due to great SEO management is imperative for any sort of success on the web.  This is where MezzoLogic’s expertise comes in. MezzoLogic also offers Local SEO services, which specifically targets search terms entered by people in a certain geographical area. For example “Traffic Attorney in Santa Monica” or “Defense lawyers in Los Angeles“. This is especially useful for legal firms seeking local clients.


Websites that were not created or designed by professional web designers may also be in need of an overhaul.  Web presence is pointless without an attractive and user-friendly website.  Ideally a legal website will attract visitors by acting as a valuable resource for information, while also providing an easy avenue of contact.  Here at MezzoLogic, we also offer comprehensive packages that provide web design services in combination with Search Engine Optimization.



SEO for Your Law Practice in Greater Los Angeles Area and Nationwide.


When it comes to SEO, anything less than fantastic service is unacceptable.  While some contractors may have the best intentions, poorly performed optimization of a website may result in undesired effects.  For example, having content on a page that is too similar to other pages on other pages that link to it, whether internally or externally, can cause the site to be flagged as illegitimate or part of a private blog network (which engines like Google frown upon).  Using black-hat SEO techniques or improperly optimizing one’s website will result in penalties from Google and other search engines that can range anywhere from decreased ranking in search results, to complete removal from the engine.


This should not deter you from contacting an SEO agency, however; simply research, compare, and contrast services prior to making a decision on who to hire.  Hiring MezzoLogic to run SEO campaign for your law firm can drastically boost the activity of your law practice and the conversion rate of users who visit the site.  It’s absolutely worth the investment – especially if the site has never been optimized properly before.




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