SEO for Financial and Insurance Services

Financial and Insurance service companies have always faced highly competitive markets, but with the introduction of the Internet and the migration of advertising to an almost exclusively digital landscape, the arena for competition has grown to global proportions – literally.  The days of simple newspaper advertising are fading now more quickly than ever, while a highly visible web presence is becoming the best method of attracting new clients.  Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is one of the easiest and most effective ways of directing traffic to a website, and provides some specific opportunities useful for the financial and insurance sector.


What is SEO and why is it important for a Financial or Insurance Company?

Search Engine Optimization
is a rather complex universe that has come to be comprised by many elements.  In short, SEO is the process of making one’s website appear higher in search results when certain keywords are entered.  It focuses on making one’s website friendly to a search engine’s relevance algorithms – most commonly Google due to its prevalence as the world’s currently most-used search engine.


An unoptimized website will often appear many pages down in search results.  Most users do not click past the first page, and even fewer continue beyond that; as such, without SEO, most websites will be useless.


Ranking high in search results is important, especially for any type of financial or insurance service.  Most people seeking these services will conduct research on their own.  Without a proper web presence, your firm or institution will be virtually unnoticed by a large pool of potential customers.


With that said – even those with decent search engine rankings can benefit from SEO.  Unless the website is on the first page for all of its most important keywords, the return on investment for an SEO audit can be enormous, and even then there is still room to grow.  Higher rankings directly translate to more traffic, and with proper targeting, also higher conversion rates.



The Importance of Hiring a Good and Reputable SEO Firm


Hiring a “good” SEO firm is not an option for a serious company.  Optimization can be arduous and even dangerous if done poorly.  Google and other engines attempt to weed out websites that have low quality content or those which do not provide any valuable information or service.  Subpar SEO contractors may, despite good intentions, ruin a website’s reputation with Google by instilling it with content that is too repetitive, overusing certain keywords, or backlinking it to illegitimate websites.


Furthermore, great SEO will help companies improve their websites and audience by identifying their needs and focusing on them during the process.  For example, an insurance firm may generate much more useful traffic by targeting local searches, as clients generally prefer to eventually meet face-to-face before making any commitment.  In the event that an average SEO agency recognizes this, they may still make the mistake of aiming too high.  While “new york insurance” may be one of the most common search terms, it is almost impossible to achieve a meaningful rank for it.


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