SEO for Automotive Industry & Car Dealerships

Local car dealerships, body shops, auto accessories, tire shops and all other automotive related businesses rely heavily on advertising and presence to draw in potential customers.  This is the purpose of placing a dealership lot in a highly populated area on a main road, as well as paying for television and radio commercials.  An often overlooked avenue for advertising in this industry is the Internet.  Creating a great website and hiring an SEO expert to boost your visibility is incredibly cheap in comparison to paying for a 30 second TV spot, and is far more likely to gather paying (or at least interested) customers.



Optimized Websites Versus Other Forms of Advertising


To define the benefits of SEO, it is first necessary to define SEO.  This stands for search engine optimization, and it is the process of boosting a website’s position in search rankings for search engines like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.  This can be done in a number of ways, the most common being simply adjusting the content on the pages of a website to include specific keywords at the proper density.


Paying for SEO is more effective than paying for advertisements in one key way.  Advertising can often fall on uninterested eyes or ears, and be nothing more than an annoyance.  SEO, on the other hand, will only affect people who are already interested.  Users must physically enter search terms in order to find your website, so having it appear earlier in search results simply means they are choosing your dealership over whoever is on the subsequent pages.


Websites also have a very low recurring cost.  Advertisements can enter the hundreds and even thousands of dollars range depending on where and when they are placed, whereas a website can cost under a hundred dollars per year.  Additionally, SEO audits are usually one-time costs that will yield a return on investment many times over the course of the year, though it is good practice to have a website optimized every few months at least.



The Importance of Hiring a Reputable SEO Agency


As with all services, SEO agencies can range from fantastic to abysmal.  As a basic rule, always hire the more experienced and reputable company, regardless of cost.  SEO is not something that should be skipped or taken lightly, as it is one of the best ways to reach target audiences on the web.


For the auto industry, top-notch SEO companies will likely suggest that your website should focus on attracting the local crowd.  The reason for this is simple – people will want to visit the dealership and take a look at the vehicles before purchasing them, and no one wants to make a long, pointless trip.


Mezzologic can help your automotive website with powerful SEO strategies that builds strong brands, drives quality traffic, and increases online sales. 





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