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Press Release Writing & Distribution


You’ve done something incredible. The next logical step is putting out a press release. We’re here to take over both the writing and distribution aspects of any press release you put out.



We get huge discounts because of our volume


press release service, press release los angelesEach and every month, we write and distribute 75 to 100 press releases for our clients. We’ve established direct relationships with the largest press release services – namely, PRWeb.


PRWeb’s normal pricing is $369 for premium distribution and $249 for advanced distribution. Because we put out so many press releases, we have negotiated these prices down 30% – 50%. We pass all of these savings onto you, the client.


By working with us, you get the exact same distribution at a noticeable discount. If you’re putting out multiple press releases per year, these savings begin to add up very, very quickly. This is money that goes directly back into your pocket, which you can then redirect to your other marketing endeavours.




Professional writing is included, too

Not only do we give you a discount off of PRWeb’s largest packages, but we write the actual press release for you, too.


All of of our in-house writers are trained professionals. Those 75 to 100 press releases we put out every month don’t appear out of thin air – our in-house writers are writing every single one from scratch.


Practice makes perfect. After doing one thing for a long time, you begin to master it – our writers have mastered the art of writing press releases, and they’re standing by, ready to write yours.


Could you write your own press releases? Sure, you could. But we don’t recommend it. Here’s why: though you’re the best at running your business, you might not be the best at writing about your business in an interesting way.


It’s sort of like how you’d never draw your own logo, or code your own mobile app – you might be able to do these things and make it functional, but the result won’t be perfect, because your time is invested into running your business, not mastering your design or programming skills. Our writers have been honing their press release writing skills day in and day out for years on end.


Let us make your press releases not good, but perfect. We’ll make them look like the ones you see from Fortune 500 companies. Yes, our writers are that skilled. And then after they’re written, let us save you a substantial amount of money on distributing each one with our direct relationships.


All you have to do is let us take the wheel. You’ll get the best press release possible, and you’ll save money on the same exact PR packages that you already buy. Contact us today to get started.




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