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local seo los angeles, local seo services los angelesIf you own a local business, one of your most important potential revenue sources is the search engine. No matter where you are or what you do, there are people nearby looking to give their money to a business like yours. And they’re looking for that particular business on search engines.


Ranking locally allows you to capture these hyper-relevant searchers and turn them into customers. They search, they see you at the top, they click on your site, and they contact you. It’s that simple – the thing that isn’t simple is getting to the top of the results pages in the first place.


As a business owner, learning and implementing SEO tactics isn’t something that you have time for. And yet, you still want to rank and generate revenue from those rankings. The solution is to hire veterans to rank you – not fly-by-night amateurs that will leave you guessing. Veterans that care about your business and its longevity as much as you do.


We’re those veterans. Every single team member of MezzoLogic has a bare minimum of 15 years experience doing this advanced local SEO. If you’re a local business looking to capitalize on search engine traffic, we are the people you want to hire.


Here’s why.



Local SEO is changing, and “they” aren’t changing with it


Back in the day, there was very little difference between ranking a term like “buy a computer” and “computer shops in Santa Monica”. Now, there is a huge difference.


If you hire a SEO company and they attack a local search term with traditional SEO tactics, you will lose. Google can detect when traditional off-site optimization or linkbuilding is being done on local keywords, and they dislike the practice – they might penalize your company’s domain completely (manual penalty) or lower your website’s local rankings by 4-5 pages or 40-50 spots (local algorithm penalty).



It’s all about ranking without risk


That wasn’t meant to scare you, but rather open your eyes as to why our method of doing local SEO is far superior.


As a local business, you always want more revenue. Ranking for local search terms is one way to accomplish that. But you’re probably already getting some traffic from search engines – you don’t want to risk that existing traffic with the potential reward of more.


With us, you don’t have to, because our local SEO is all natural. Here’s the 3-step process we use.



We find easy-to-rank keywords in your industry. The easier they are to rank, the less you pay us for that ranking. Most of the keywords we find can be ranked with step two alone.



The cool thing about local keywords is that there are only a few businesses competing for the #1 spot. Think about it – in any given city, there are only a set number of cosmetic surgeons, dentists, thai food restaurants, etc.


Because of this, a lot of smaller keywords go unnoticed. Until we come along, that is – we scoop up all of the easy keywords and optimize your website for them. This allows you to rank without doing any off-site SEO.


Are these keywords going to be the “big ones”? No, they’re not. They’ll each have a small number of searches per month, but when they’re tallied up, the total is very substantial.



After we’ve scooped up the non-competitive ones, we’re going after the competitive ones. These are the ones that you think of first… for example, if you’re a dentist in Chicago, one might be “dentist in Chicago”.


To rank you for these, we do build links, but only the ones that Google is okay with. There are certain links that local businesses are allowed to have – we find the best ones in that category. You rank for competitive terms while still maintaining your legitimate backlink profile and protecting your longevity in the search engines.



Google Places + Organic Results = Absolute Takeover


Google Places Optimization, Local SEOHave you ever searched for something, and then seen local businesses in both the organic and the Google Places listings?


We take advantage of both. If a keyword is too competitive to rank organically, then we’ll rank you #1 in the Google Places box. That box is often right below the #1 position, so you can still rank at the top of the page while spending much less than if we went after the #1 organic result.


Sometimes, we can even rank you in both the organic and the Google Places listings. This means that your business is on the first page twice for the same keyword. This adds to your legitimacy in the eyes of the searcher, and he will almost always click through to you.



We’ll work within your budget to generate revenue


local seo roi, local seo company in los angelesWe understand that all local businesses are different. The minimum budget for our local SEO is $499/month, but aside from that, we can work with any business of any size on any budget.


Your ROI is paramount. We will find keywords to rank you for that are both within your budget and profitable. Once you see what we’re capable of, we’re fairly certain that you’ll want to increase your budget – the vast majority of our clients do.



Contact us today. We don’t operate on pressure or commitments – we operate on results. You tell us how much you want to spend, and we’ll tell you what we can rank you for. Then, we’ll do exactly that. The people are already searching – put your name in front of them and they will fall into your arms.



Or, call us at (213) 236-3656 to speak with us immediately.