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E-Commerce Search Engine Optimization


Own an online retail store? Unless you’re Amazon or eBay, you have your work cut out for you. It’s not that Google hates you – they don’t mind if you come to the party – but they’d never invite you to it without some coercion.


In order to get traffic to an e-commerce store, you have to sway Google in your favor. You have to make Google like you so much that they can’t help but invite you to the party. (In case you didn’t make the connection, Google’s party is the top of the first page.)




How we sway Google in your favor

Some of our biggest clients own e-commerce stores – one alone has over 100,000 SKUs. How on earth do you rank 100,000 pages in Google?


It’s definitely not with traditional link building. Can you even imagine the costs that would be associated with 100,000 individual SEO campaigns? They’d be exorbitant, and our #1 goal is always the client’s ROI.


There’s a more effective way to do it. Here’s how.




Achieve easy organic ranks with proper on-site optimization

The first step is structure. Without a solid foundation to build on, all SEO efforts towards an e-commerce store will be futile.


We have been doing SEO for 15 years. That’s not 15 years total – that’s 15 years of experience on each and every one of our team members. We know how Google works, and we know how to structure your site so that you’re one step closer to that party invite.


With proper structure, you can claim all of the low-hanging fruits. These are the small keywords based around your products and categories that don’t have much competition.


Ranking for enough of these keywords will result in a substantial traffic increase. When you have hundreds, thousands, or tens of thousands of SKUs, there are a lot of low-hanging fruits for you to claim. We’ll find them, and then rank you for them with nothing more than some slight structural modifications.


But then, there are those competitive keywords…




Get those big ticket items up top with individual campaigns

Once you’re set up and ranking for the easy keywords, it’s time to tackle the big ones. The big ones are the insanely lucrative keywords that everyone is competing for. You can’t rank for these keywords with structure alone.


So we create individual campaigns around them.


These campaigns are close to traditional link building campaigns, but there’s one major difference – they’re safer. Any misstep with an e-commerce store can mean a significant blow to your bottom line. We don’t take missteps with these campaigns – ever.


The exact “big ticket” keywords that we target are specific to you and your e-commerce store. Just know that if we’re building an individual campaign around the keyword, it’s one that will make your wallet bulge.


Once we’re done with this step, you’ll be receiving traffic from hundreds (or even thousands) of low-hanging fruits, and you’ll be getting crazy amounts of profitable traffic from your rankings on the bigger, more competitive ones.




The last step: optimizing the process

With e-commerce, it’s not all about traffic – a large portion of it is making sure that the traffic you’re getting converts to a sale.


We will perform split tests on all aspects of your site to increase the conversion rate. What we will do exactly depends on where your site is currently at, but one thing is for certain – once we’re through, you will be making more money off the same amount of traffic.


The 3 steps are summarized below…


  1. Structure your site correctly so that you get easy rankings without doing any extra work
  2. Create powerful, individual SEO campaigns around the big ticket keywords
  3. Once ranked, optimize your entire site for conversions, so that you make more money off of the same traffic


Sound good? Get in touch with us today. No matter the size of your e-commerce store, we can rank you, and we can continue to rank you as you expand your inventory. Our clients range from startups to e-commerce powerhouses – if you’d like to join our list of successful clients, click the button below to set the gears in motion.




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