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It’s a shame that the word “content” is now used by some as a meaningless buzzword – content is anything but meaningless. In fact, it means quite a bit. Your search engine rankings, traffic, credibility, and longevity are all affected by the content you put out.


That’s quite the claim, but don’t worry – we’re here to back it up.


Content is now absolutely vital to Search Engine rankings


Back in the day, it was entirely possible to have a thin, low-quality site ranked #1 for a slew of different keywords. This was possible because back in the day, Google didn’t care so much about the website itself; it just cared about the off-site SEO that the site was receiving.


With the Panda update, that all changed. Google saw that blackhat webmasters were manipulating the backlink algorithm to get unhelpful, non-relevant sites to the top of the results. Google cares about user experience over all else, and to fix this problem of spamming mediocre sites, they now put a lot of weight on having a “quality” site.


Content is how you show Google that your site is one of quality. By having useful content on all levels of your site, you help all of your pages to rank higher for their target search terms.


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Not just help – direct traffic, too


If your website is about widgets, then there’s only so many search terms that you can try and rank the homepage for. Blue widgets, cool widgets, widgets for kids, etc.


But by having organized content, you can target any search term that’s remotely related to widgets by creating content around that topic. For example – how do widgets affect xyz?


So your content not only helps your your main pages rank for their main keywords, but it also generates traffic all on its own.


Curious as to what else good content will do for you?



Content also establishes you as a pro


Search engines aside, let’s focus on your credibility.


In this day and age, anyone with a decent budget can get a fancy website made. Good design is no longer indicative of a company’s experience – what goes on the website is. That’s content.


With content, you can strut your stuff. You can show that you aren’t just a company, but rather a comprehensive authority in your industry. Potential customers and clients will see this expertise and be exponentially more likely to work with you as a result of it.


Think about it. Who would you want to hire: a roofing company with a bland, one-page site, or a roofing company that publishes hints, tips, and guides for homeowners on how to maintain their roofs? You’re likely going to go for the second company – they’ve shown that they understand the roofing industry down to the letter. You want to work with the pros, and because of this, you go with the company that’s publishing the content.



What we do: inception, creation, and distribution


The start is determining what to write about. We’ll come up with relevant topics that will get traffic from search engines and promote you as an authority at the same time.


Then, we write the actual content. We have a few professional writers on our team that handle the day-to-day writing. For highly specialized topics, we collaborate with industry-specific writers. And for some content, such as copywriting, we sometimes collaborate with those who work at advertising agencies. Work is never blindly “outsourced”… we have longstanding relationships with all of our writers who don’t directly work for us.


We only write the good stuff. You know… the unique, captivating stuff that visitors will genuinely enjoy reading. We understand that you’ll be stamping your name on it – we know that you don’t want your name on anything that’s less than extraordinary.


The last step is distributing the content, AKA making the right people see it. If it’s something simple like a blog post, we’ll add it to your site in a way so that’s it’s attractive to search engines, and then post it to the appropriate social channels. If it’s something more complex – let’s say a press release – we’ll post and promote it in the right places so that the people you care about seeing it, do.


Want to be a website… or a true authority?


If you’d like to just be another one of the billion “websites”, continue on with your current strategy. But let us warn you ahead of time – as blackhat SEO gets more and more advanced, Google will continue to put more and more weight on the quality of your site. If you start months or even years from now, you’ll be months or years behind your competition.


If you want to be an industry authority that Google and the general public both trust, get in touch with us today. Let us create an influential content strategy for you for that ensures rankings, traffic, credibility and longevity.





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